ClipRay™ Complete Starter Kit for Film & PSP

Item #001-435


ClipRay™ Complete Starter Kit for Film & PSP

The ClipRayComplete Starter Kit is a complete holding system for Film & PSP Plates. It eliminates the need for bite blocks, multiple rings, rods and pins of older obsolete systems. The complete starter kit allows you to use one holder for anterior, posterior, vertical & horizontal bite wings, and Endo. It is flexible by design and uses only one autoclave bag for an entire system. 

The ClipRay™ complete starter kit includes the ClikGuide™, which requires only one ring which rotates into three positions. It also slides closer to the sensor to achieve accurate beam position. The ease of use and simple design requires far fewer instruments to complete a full mouth series of digital radiographs. ClipRay™ + ClikGuide™ are all you need to get all the images you need.


The ClipRay™ Complete Starter Kit includes:

  • Two ClipRay™ Holders
  • Two ClikGuide™ "G" (Ring + Rod)


Biodegradeable Green - Item #001-435