ClikRay™ Holder

"01" Size 0, 1 - Item #001-053

"U" Size 2 - Item #001-015


ClikRay Holder

ClikRay™ is a fully autoclaveable holder for all digital sensors. Unlike other holders, ClikRay™ exerts no damaging pressure on sensitive sensors--no clamping is necessary. It is comfortable for the patient, as there are no bulky pieces or sharp edges. It has a sensible design which allows easy sensor placement with a rapid learning curve. Anyone familiar with current accepted radiographic techniques can use ClikRay™.


The ClikRay™ Holder 5-pack  includes:

  • (5) ClikRay™ Holders

ClikRay™ "01" - Size 0, 1 - Item #001-053

ClikRay™ "U" - Size 2 - Item #001-015