Dr. Harold K. Schmulenson, CEO and President: Patented Inventor

As a practicing General Dentist with over 30 years of private practice, Dr. Schmulenson is in the unique position to recognize the need for creative ideas and thoughts within the profession. Prior to his development and patents for ClikTech, LLC, Dr. Schmulenson was instrumental in the start of Ghetzler Aero-Power, a hi-tech aviation company. Dr. Schmulenson has 12 patents in both the Dental and Aerospace Industry. His diversity and experience provides the basis for development of ClikRay and other associated dental products.



Tom Gillen, President: Design & Engineering, Patented Inventor

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and 30 years of practical experience, Tom Gillen brings his extensive knowledge to ClikTech,Inc. Mr. Gillen started Gillen & Associates, a design and engineering firm in 1987. He has designed for such firms as Wilson Sporting Goods, Ocular Sciences, CooperVision, Baxter Healthcare and Bisco Dental. Mr. Gillen currently holds 12 patents in the healthcare industry. Tom’s visionary design is evident in a wide array of products in diverse fields from automotive to x-ray products.