X-Series BiteBlocks for XDR, Apex,Ei, Original Schick, Progeny, Quickray, DentiMax & Dent-X

Precise Fit holders available in size 2 blue holders and size 1 yellow holders. ClikRay biteblocks are colored according to their sizes so choosing the appropriate sized holder is easy. No more confusion!




X-Series Biteblocks may be cross referenced to original XDR Biteblock part numbers. Please call us at 877-251-0594 to assist you in the process.

Item # 001-473 ClikStik CCD X-Series Starter Kit: ClikStik + four Size 1 & four Size 2 Biteblocks

Item # 001-756 ShaRing X Series Starter Kit: ShaRing + Litening Rods + four Size 1 & four Size 2 Biteblocks


Available  at:

IQ Dental Supply   (888) 303-1115
Strauss Dental

Henry Schein Dental

Darby Dental Supply

Benco Dental Supply


US Patent #8,142,074,7,819,579, 7,226,208 & 7,607,830