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DX1.5 Instructional video with Susan Bateman

The new ComfyRay DX 1.5+ system does it all. Anterior, posterior, vertical and Horizontal bitewings ALL with just ONE holder and ring !!!! Now you can use the unique ” Shark fin ” biteplane to take endodontic views around the rubber dam along with implant post radiographs.

Autoclavable in just ONE bag ! Item #001-206

Item # 001-206

NEW !!! Dexis biteblocksĀ  for ring and rod systems!
Don’t forget your sensor sleeves !
Item # 001-152
Dexcam 3 Users !!!
I/O Camera Sheaths to fit your camera
Item # 001-763 Box of 500

DX 3 I/O Camera Sleeves