Litening Rods

Litening rods are inexpensive. They do not have pins that break. They autoclave all in one bag with your holders! Metal rods have been used for decades in dental offices. Although effective, they are costly and prone to pin breakage. Litening Rods™ eliminates these issues. Constructed of solid high heat plastic resin, these rods are completely autoclavable, reusable and both low cost and light weight. They have the added benefit of incorporating a wire clip to accommodate the latest in digital sensors and work with any standard anterior, posterior or bitewing ring in addition to ShaRing™.

MADE  IN U.S.A.                US Patent #8,142,074

Item # 001-718  Litening Rods – 2 set Pak

                                                                                                                  SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL BITEBLOCKS