One simple rod, one simple ring, one simple holder…

The ClikStik™ system!

ClikStik System Pak:  Item # 001-220

The complete holding system for sensors, PSP plates OR x-ray film. The ClikStik™ is the newest technological advancement in 40 years of parallel cone beam radiography. This revolutionary device allows the use of ANY Bite-Block and Bite piece; anterior, posterior and bitewing, from ALL manufacturers such as RINN™, Flow™’, Schick ™, Dexis™ and others with just one instrument, one ring and one simple rod.

Save time and money

Only one ring and one simple rod for all intraoral views

Uses ANY biteblock and bitewing attachment from ANY manufacturer

For x-ray film, PSP plates AND digital sensors

Allows the ring to be placed as close to the cheek as possible without rod interference for increased accuracy

Fully autoclaveable for 30 uses or more

NO METAL RODS in the mouth

Made in USA                                           US Patent #8,142,074




ClikStik™ is a fully autoclaveable, twin head holder for use with ANY x-ray film or digital sensor bite-blocks. One system can take anterior, posterior and bitewing views with a simple straight rod and one single ring. Eliminate a multitude of rings and bent rods, now a complete series of radiographs has become a simple one ring process saving time and money for every office.

The ClikStik™ allows unlimited versatility for the dental office staff. One product can be used for digital sensors, PSP plates or standard x-ray film. The dental office now has the simplest, easiest and most economical instrument to best serve their needs with the ClikStik™.

An excellent holder of choice for the Nomad™ system.

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the “ClikStik.” There has never been such a simple device for taking digital images. It is so nice to be able to use the same ring and bar for bitewings and periapicals. The cost and ease of use of the “ClikStik” compared to similar devices on the market make “ClikStik” the smart choice. Our office likes it so much, we have ordered more.

ClikStik gets my vote for being one of the best new products for 2009.


Robin R., RDH