ClikStik CCD Universal Biteblocks & Kit

Item # 001-282

A completely new approach to sensor holding ! Flexible and Universal in design, one kit that fits ANY sensors .

The ClikStik CCD Complete Universal Holder System eliminates the multiple rings, rods and pins of older obsolete systems.



NO more metal rods in your mouth…ever.

NO more metal rods on x-ray…ever

NO more metal rods that look like fishhooks to scare your patients…ever

NO more EXPENSIVE metal rods …ever

ONE simple, familiar ring identical to what you have used for years…

ONE simple inexpensive rod …

ONE simple plastic holder to fit ANY biteblock from ANY manufacturer

Universal BiteBlocks fits all sensors. Yellow size 1 biteblocks fit all size 1 AND Original DEXIS and DEXIS Platinum.

ClikStik… Designed by a Dental Professional for Dental Professionals, at half the price of similar products!


US Patent #8,142,074,7,819,579, 7,226,208 & 7,607,830