ClikRay’s™ dual head design allows the flexibility to take Anterior, Posterior, and  Bitewing views with just one device!

ClikRay™ is comfortable to the patient. There are no bulky pieces or sharp edges. Anyone familiar with current accepted radiographic techniques can use ClikRay™. It is a sensible design which allows easy sensor placement with a rapid learning curve. Unlike other holders, ClikRay™ exerts no damaging pressure on sensitive sensors. No clamping  is necessary.  ClikRay™ is fully autoclavable. ClikRay™ ”U” fits most size 2 digital sensors 3.2mm—6mm in thickness. ClikRay™ “01” fits most size 0 & 1 digital sensors. ClikRay™ for Kodak “T1” & “T2” fits RVG 5000/6000 series sensors. “K1” , “K2” & “KV” fit the RVG 6100/6500 series, alolng with Schick ELITE, Gendex and Instrumentarium sensors.


Proudly Made in U.S.A.

All ClikRay™ , ClikBite™ , ClipRay™ , ClikGuide™  and ClikStik™ holders are trademarked and patented or patent pending.

US Patent #’s : 7607830:7607831:D537943:7425095:7819579: 7226208:8,142,074