ClikRay for DEXIS & DEXIS Platinum

ClikRay for Dexis video with Dr. Schmulenson


Dexis System Pak: “D” + “DPV” + “G” Ring & Rod

Introducing the new ClikRay™ system for DEXIS® and DEXIS® Platinum sensors. BIODEGRADABLE and autoclavable holders to fit both types of existing DEXIS® sensors. A system which can take anterior, posterior, endodontic and both vertical and horizontal bitewing views. ClikRay™ “D” has a standard horizontal biteplane on one end for both posterior and bitewing views and no biteplane on the other end for anterior and endodontic use. ClikRay™ “DPV” has an enhanced horizontal biteplane for pedodontic as well as endodontic uses along with a vertical biteplane for anterior and vertical bitewing views. ClikRay™ for DEXIS® is available as a system with “D” + “DPV” + “G” ring & rod or separately as 5 packs of “D” or “DPV” holders.

All ClikRay™ , ClikBite™ , ClipRay™ , ClikGuide™  and ClikStik™ holders are trademarked and patented or patent pending.

US Patent #’s : 7607830:7607831:D537943:7425095:7819579 & 7226208