Clik Guide “G” Ring and Rod

Improved “G+”Ring & Rod
Strengthened rod, greater angulations and more audible clik


ClikGuide™ patented simplicity assists in taking accurate x-rays the first time leading to patient comfort and compliance. ClikGuide™ requires only one ring which rotates into three positions. It also slides closer to the sensor to achieve accurate beam position. The ease of use and simple design requires far fewer instruments to complete a full mouth series of digital radiographs. ClikGuide™ + ClikRay™ are all you need to get all the images you need.


ClikRay “U” shown with “G” rod & ring


ClikGuide™ “G”Fits ALL ClikRay™ and ClikBite™ products :  001-022

ClikGuide™ “R”Fits ALL ClikRay™ and ClikBite™ products and uses existing ring systems:   001-169

ClikGuide™ “R” is a breakthrough in holder technology. The patent pending design allows the use of only the bitewing rod and ring of existing systems such as Dentsply/Rinn™.  ClikGuide™ “R” requires only one ring and one rod which moves into any position. Now you can use your existing systems to benefit from any ClikRay™ holder.

Proudly Made in U.S.A.