Adapter “R”

Adapter “R” Product Detail

The ClikGuides™ Adapter “R” fits all ClikRay™ holders and is compatible with RINN™ and other similar bitewing rings and metal rod systems

A totally new innovation in holder technology!

The ClikGuide™ “R” Adapter (patented) was designed to allow the use of one standard bitewing ring and metal rod with any ClikRay™ holder to take all intraoral views.

# 001-169 -2-pack

Anterior, posterior and bitewing imaging can be completed with the use of just one ring and one metal rod. With the “R” adapter, you need not throw away your existing systems to

use ClikRay™ holders. You only need one ring, one rod , a ClikRay™ holder and Adapter “R” to complete any full mouth radiographic series. Easy to use and economical, the best sensor holder just got better!

ClikGuide™ Adapter “R” shown with ClikRay™ and RINN™ type bitewing rod and ring

All ClikRay™ , ClikBite™ , ClipRay™ , ClikGuide™  and ClikStik™ holders are trademarked and patented or patent pending.

US Patent #’s : 7607830:7607831:D537943:7425095:7819579 & 7226208